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Stock Photography

Bengal Picture Library offers high-quality images of Bangladesh.

They are available for purchase by Advertising Agencies, Publishers of Calendars and other materials, Corporate Houses, Web Designers, Web-Based Professionals, Creative Designers, Graphic Designers and all other professionals who require snapshots that capture the country’s exclusiveness.

Editorial Photography

Good Editorial photographs simply give readers a glimpse of your business. Exceptional Editorial photos tell the story of your business by connecting it with the people that are responsible for its success. At Bengal Picture Library we passionately strive to capture exceptional Editorial photographs. Our Editorial Photography has been seen in magazines, websites, brochures, annual reports and so on.

Corporate Photography

At times a substantial investment has been made to make your corporate event, conference, seminar or gala a memorable experience for all who attend. Utilisation of a professional photography service ensures that when the event is complete you will have an almost endless supply of photographs that thoroughly showcase your event.

As an additional benefit, our portable digital photography system allows unique opportunity for event attendees to print and purchase their favourite pictures directly at your event!

Corporate Portrait

In many industries across Nova Scotia having a professional Business Portrait or head-shot is a necessity to differentiate yourself from the competition and put an authentic face next to your name. We’ve got you covered, no matter whether your portrait is for a Real Estate sign, business card, website, social media or anything else. Our experience and expertise will ensure that you receive the most compelling and professional portrait possible.

Many of our corporate clients have had their photos taken directly in their offices. This makes the photo-shoot quick and easy for the client as they do not have to adjust their busy schedule or even leave the office. Our flexible approach to corporate photography allows our clients to save money and valuable time. We have developed a base of strong and varied clientele for corporate photography throughout Halifax and surrounding areas, ensuring that we encompass a style that blends great corporate photography in any corporate environment.

Construction and Architectural Photography

We provide a range of exterior and interior architectural photography services throughout Bangladesh. Our work runs from site investigation through construction to buildings in use. When you want a professional photographer for construction projects, progress reports on works, new homes, buildings, architectural or interior photography, just give us a call.

Wedding Photography

Bengal Picture Library prides itself at being one of the premier wedding photography services in Bangladesh. With years of experience photographing weddings you can rest assured that our expertise will produce the very best wedding photographs possible. Bengalpix Ltd. has covered many weddings.

Wedding is a beautiful way to start a new chapter of love, and Bengalpix Ltd. offers wedding photography services anywhere in the country. We can help you relive your wedding day every time you look at your Book-bound photo album showcasing the special event.

Photo Print Sale

We sell high quality print of images. You can choose from our vast stock. We will be able to deliver it in various print size and lucrative frames.